provides training, consultancy and publishing services to boards, audit committees and auditors to improve corporate governance and audit

The common core of most of Management Audit’s consultancy is governance and control. We advise boards on their committee structures and their delegation of authority guidelines. We advise audit committees on corporate governance reporting, on assessing the effectiveness of internal control and on their external audit service. We advise management on control self assessment. We advise internal auditors on their audit approaches and assist them to prepare special reports for their boards and audit committees.

From our extensive network of professional contacts throughout the world, we combine our own resources with those of our Associates to create consultancy teams of unparalleled excellence. Our Associates are selected for their leading expertise in their fields.

Examples of consultancy work undertaken:-

  • Codes of Conduct
  • Board policy and practice review
  • Internal audit appraisal
  • Control self assessment implementation
  • External audit fee research
  • Advice on statistical sampling
  • External audit methods advice
  • Benchmark Surveys
  • Special investigations
  • Specialised head hunting

Quality and environmental management and auditing

Recent years have seen increased quality auditing in all types of organisations, across all industry sectors. ISO 9000, the international standard for quality management and assurance, is now being used by all sizes of organization as the motivator for high levels of quality, continuous improvement, cost reduction and customer satisfaction. Associated with implementation of the standard's quality requirements is a monitoring need to continuously review all quality systems and documentation. Such monitoring is both internal (first party quality auditing) and external (second and third party quality auditing).

Quality auditing has its own international standards ISO 10011, and is defined as:

A systematic and independent examination to determine whether quality activities and related results comply with planned arrangements and whether these arrangements are implemented effectively and are suitable to achieve objectives. (ISO 8402)

Environmental auditing is developing in many organisations driven by societal issues, government regulations, customer demands and voluntary codes of good conduct. There are international standards for environmental management and auditing (ISO 14000). This standard joins ISO 9000 as best management practice for today and the next millennium. ISO 14000, like ISO 9000, provides an opportunity for organisations to register their management practices for external verification, and requires implementation of internal environmental auditing programmes.

How quality and environmental auditing should be co-ordinated with other auditing in an organization is of increasing importance as the total cost of auditing increases. Establishing quality and environmental auditing functions is new for many organizations. Training staff to be professional auditors is not sufficient: their work needs to be integrated into the structure of all other monitoring, and to be reviewed at a senior level.

Management Audit can advise its clients on how quality and environmental auditing can best be integrated with other auditing, and into an organisation's overall risk assessment and internal control framework, to satisfy all governance requirements.

We are reminded of the Swahili song current among porters trekking with head-loads in the rear of the British and Empire troops who laboriously invaded German East Africa from Kenya in the 1914-18 war. It reflected their humorous cynicism about the interminable length of the logistical tail that a fighting force seemed to require:

We, yes we, are the porters,
the ones who carry the food
Food for whom?
For the porters who carry the food
Again, food for whom?
Amazingly, just for the porters!

Consultancy Services

Management Audit serves Auditors and Audit Committees

“The interminable length of the logistical tail”

“And to settle the matter - once and for all - let it be understood - I audit the auditors”

“The paralysis of overanalysis”

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