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Computer failure: “Why can’t they count on their fingers? It’s never failed me”

Control.IT MINPLAN - assesses risks within any business activity. Now comes with almost 400 control matrices covering accounting and general business activities, IT, marketing and sales, production, R&D, human resources, contracting, health and financial institution systems. Or develop your own. For more information on MINPLAN.

Organis.IT MIDPLAN - applies risk principles to develop a tailored audit risk formula and then allows this to be used for an audit needs assessment.

MINPLAN and MIDPLAN need to run within any version of LOTUS 1-2-3 or EXCEL (version 4 or later). You never need to build a spreadsheet or put a formula in a cell – just invoke macros to do this for you.  

Direct.IT MAXPLAN - a simple forms-based tool for strategically planning the long tem development of the internal auditing function, or any other business activity. 

Standard Audit Programme Guides -  supplied as over 170 SAPGs covering common audit areas plus several special-purpose programs. Experienced auditor expertise built in.

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